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Salesforce benefits, blogs & resources

We have been working with Salesforce since 2015. Our Salesforce expertise includes: implementation; custom fields; automation (flows); web form integration; app implementation; Zapier; FormAssembly and integrating data from other systems. We offer Salesforce consultancy to clients in the UK and globally. 

Salesforce Benefits

Salesforce has numerous benefits – we’ve outlined just a few of them below:

  • Flexibility – the ability to add custom fields, custom objects, automation, reports, dashboards – all to match your organisation
  • The App Exchange – we think of Salesforce like your mobile phone, it’s really helpful the day you get it, but adding apps are invaluable to how you use it
  • It’s free to charities – Salesforce offers 10 free user licenses to charities.  Yes – totally free, the free licenses are renewed every year.  If you’re a small to medium sized charity, you might find that 10 licenses is all you need.  However, don’t fall into the trap that free means you don’t need to allocate a budget to your new CRM system – there will be annual fees for any Apps you purchase, charges if you go over certain Salesforce limits, and you may need consultancy support
  • Meets many needs – with Salesforce it is possible for one system to fulfil the requirements of multiple departments.  This is invaluable for charities who can use Salesforce for HR, Retail, Donations, Marketing as well as tracking Users/Participants
  • It integrates with a myriad of systems.  It’s always best to test any integrations before making a purchase – the term ‘integration’ is a broad one and may not offer the kind of functionality you were expecting. Alternatives to plug and play Salesforce integrations include Zapier and data import tools such as Apsona

Salesforce Case Studies

Read our case studies:

Salesforce Credentials

Tonica is led by Mary Butlin who has achieved Salesforce Certified Administrator and Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant. To verify Mary’s credentials search for “” using this verification link.

Salesforce Blogs

We love the generosity of Salesforce users in sharing their experiences – we post useful Salesforce articles as often as we can on our own blog. Other sites we find useful for Salesforce are: – of course! – free training on the Salesforce platform and a rather addictive gamification/badge system – the most important website for all things Salesforce with regular articles and blog posts and a regular email newsletter. There is an excellent article on the SalesforceBen website which gives a thorough overview of using Salesforce for Fundraising. – Terry is a Salesforce MVP and very helpful on the non-profit forum answering queries.  His website includes videos on Salesforce NPSP – Martin Humpolec (Salesforce Consultant, MVP and Prague Administrator Group Leader) has a blog which is a useful source of information

Salesforce Play by Play is an interactive series on, where Salesforce experts discuss common challenges faced every day by Salesforce customers

Useful Free Apps

  • FieldTrip – this app allows you to create reports on your fields and shows which are being used
  • Happy Soup – an app which can show you what dependencies there are in your Salesforce org