Data Migration

Data Migration

We have particular expertise in data migration for CRM systems and work directly with the data.  Whether you have a legacy database, excel files, or a myriad of other systems we’re used to helping clients prioritise what they’d like to migrate and then doing the work for them to get it looking good in the new system.

Our data migration process includes the following steps:

  • discuss your data and review any existing data audits
  • review data in existing systems
  • prioritise the data you’d like in your new CRM
  • create a home for the data in the CRM (if this is a feature of the CRM you have chosen, e.g. Salesforce and Capsule CRM allow for custom fields)
  • clean data for import
  • import data to the new CRM
  • review the final data in your new system and implement different checking techniques to ensure you are confident with the migration sign off

If you have a very complex database or a system which is taking live orders that cannot be paused for any time, we will work with your IT teams to recommend an approach which can be implemented at the point of data migration

If you have other systems that you want to continue using and have chosen Salesforce as your new CRM we can help integrate your other systems into Salesforce using Zapier.