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Client: Circl

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About Circl: “Leadership Training but not as you know it”. The Circl Leadership Development Programme is the first of its kind. We take professionals from the UK’s most exciting businesses and provide them with coaching skill training alongside young adults from underrepresented backgrounds. It means your employees learn to coach through real life experience with diverse young talent; not only developing themselves, but also providing an incredible opportunity for a young future leader. We call it innovative, but others have called it life-changing. Learn more about Circl’s programme.

Overview: Tonica supported Circl in optimising Salesforce for the management of their unique leadership programme. This work included building out custom objects to record the relationships with the programme, creating complex multi-page FormAssembly forms for the e-learning modules, creating formula fields which included a FormAssembly link embedded with contact ID and programme ID information, creating flows which automated the sending of e-learning modules before and after sessions and the creation of dashboards to report on impact.

Case Study created: March 2021

More about this Project

Tonica’s work included:

  • Optimising the existing customisation to record information about the programme including the architecture of custom objects which were created for easy administration, reports and dashboards
  • Numerous FormAssembly forms, all integrated with Salesforce. For example, creating quiz forms which revealed correct answers and calculated totals so that the surveys could be used as a learning tool
  • Creation of the solution to embed Contact ID and Programme IDs in formulas which included the FormAssembly link on the contact which could be easily sent out by Flows or List Emails. This technique eliminated duplicates which might otherwise have been created had the forms been linked by email or other personal details. It also negated the need for increasing FormAssembly subscription costs in order to use the pre-fill functionality
  • Custom fields and a FormAssembly solution for an end to end recruitment process of Future Leaders
  • Email templates including relevant custom fields
  • Custom formula fields which automatically calculated which, if any, e-learning invite the contact should receive on a given day
  • Scheduled Flows which send out pre and post e-learning modules on a daily basis utilising the above custom formula fields
  • Documentation, training videos and web training to empower the Circl team to undertake future work in house
  • Creation of reports and dashboards to report on the Impact of the programmes

Project Timescales
Multiple projects from June 2019 to March 2021

Client Comment
“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Mary and Tonica.  The support that she provides us is extremely thorough and is well thought out with a view to what we’re trying to ultimately achieve with our use of Salesforce.  Her continued support is flexible and she is generous with her time and energy.  Definitely get in touch with Mary if you’re looking for an excellent CRM support.”

Charlie Stainforth, Co-Founder & CEO of Circl