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Royal Shakespeare Company & the University of Warwick

The Royal Shakespeare Company and the University of Warwick

Tonica undertook a multi-country market sizing and pricing study in six main countries: UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and Germany.

Case Study from work undertaken in: January 2011

Type of Work
Quantitative market research study with open ended questions to add depth
Online methodology using a global market research panel to recruit participants, in addition to the client contact list

Main Objective
The key objective of the research was to discover the global demand for a new product in the education sector and the structure of that market.  The study also evaluated pricing propositions and recommended the pricing structure that was likely to generate greatest demand.

Project Timescales
Full country by country analysis, market sizing and pricing study delivered within three months of commission.

Success Indicators
Full study in six countries completed to a tight timescale

  • Market size for each country estimated using a combination of desk research and the survey responses
  • Modelling of likely demand at each price point using the Gabor-Granger technique
  • Deeper understanding of the market and attitudes towards the new product range using open ended responses
  • A target country was identified as having the most likely uptake in terms of appeal and volume
  • Guidance was given for the marketing launch in order to optimise the campaign

Client Comment

“Tonica worked tirelessly, and with great attention to detail, providing us with exactly the indepth market intelligence we were looking for.” Jacqui O’Hanlon, Director of Education, Royal Shakespeare Company

“Tonica’s market research provided us with the data we needed to both plan and shape our business model and offer. The research pinpointed our key markets and was also invaluable in helping us to decide on very sensitive pricing points for our products.” Jonothan Neelands, Associate Dean for Creativity, Warwick Business School, Professor of Drama and Theatre Education, University of Warwick