Book Support

Book Support

We offer a variety of packages to suit you. Our Salesforce Headstart package offers 5 days of consultancy time to get you up and running with Salesforce in a matter of days. If you’re looking for immediate support, we offer instantly bookable 3 hour workshops for CRM consultancy and Salesforce consultancy.

Salesforce Headstart

We offer a 5 day implementation package for Salesforce. This is suitable for small to mid-sized organisations and includes:

  • providing a Systems Requirement template you can use internally to define your aims
  • signing up to Salesforce (if you’re a registered Charity, we’ll help you with your application for 10 free Salesforce user licenses)
  • customisation including organisation set up, user login creation (up to 10 staff), custom field creation, customising drop-down menus, creating reports and dashboards
  • Supporting your IT teams with Gmail or Outlook integration for Salesforce
  • Simple data import (e.g. importing Contacts from one database table or spreadsheet with up to 16 fields). We specialise in data migration and will be happy to provide a custom quote for more complex data migrations
  • Discussion of recommended Apps and other integrations so you can plan for those following the project
  • 2 training workshops and recommendations for further training resources

Your pre-requisites

  • you need to have a designated person as the client project manager during the implementation

Our Salesforce Headstart package (5 consultancy days) costs £4,000 excl. VAT for companies. We offer a 25% discount for charities so the Salesforce Headstart package is £3,000 excl. VAT for charity clients. Alternatively, you can book one of our 3-hour workshops outlined below or contact us for a bespoke quote.

Salesforce Support

Book tailored Salesforce support with our bespoke 3 hour Salesforce workshops delivered via Zoom for £300 excluding VAT for companies. Charities receive a 25% discount.

Salesforce Training

How do you feel about Salesforce? (after Tonica’s Eventbrite training)

We offer Salesforce Training which is bookable on Eventbrite. This is a link to our latest Eventbrite Courses. A place on our Eventbrite course starts at £67 excl. VAT for charity attendees and from £134 for individuals or company attendees. Attendees from multiple organisations can join our Eventbrite training courses.

CRM Support

Book CRM support instantly with our bespoke 3 hour CRM workshop delivered via Zoom for £300 excluding VAT for companies. Charities receive a 25% discount.

Request a Proposal

Please contact us if you’d rather request a proposal for CRM or Salesforce support. Please note for proposals, our minimum support time is 8 hours which is £800 excl. VAT for companies. We offer a 25% discount to charities so 8 hours of support time for charity clients is £600 excl. VAT.