Book Salesforce Support

Book Salesforce Support

Sometimes you need Salesforce support instantly. With our workshops you can book a Salesforce support session straight away by finding a diary slot that works for you without needing to wait for a proposal.

What Salesforce consultancy do we offer? We can provide support with: Salesforce implementation; customisation; web form integration; app implementation; and integrating data from other systems. Our expertise includes; Sales Cloud, Nonprofit Success Pack, general Salesforce Administration, Automation (Flows), Zapier and FormAssembly. For more information visit our Salesforce page.

How much does Salesforce consultancy cost? We provide 3 hours of Salesforce support for £300 excluding VAT. You can instantly select this support using the calendar below. Up to three participants can join this session. If you are a non-profit, please skip to the next section for our charity rate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about this workshop

How much support will I receive? We will work quickly and efficiently in a Zoom workshop to make improvements to your Salesforce organisation and make recommendations for the future. What can be achieved within the workshop will be dependent on a number of factors – you might ask us to just concentrate on one area of support such as the Contact object (creating new fields and updating page layouts) or you may have a snagging list that we can work through across several areas.

What are some examples of the support I could gain in the workshop?

We’ve provided some examples below – you may want to spend the whole workshop on just one area such as Reports & Dashboards.

  • general advice and a review of the Salesforce set up
  • creating custom fields
  • optimising page layouts
  • creating reports & dashboards
  • advice on apps and potential integrations
  • suggestions for next steps

What are the prerequisites for the session?

  • Salesforce Administrator login access. If you prefer, you can keep your login details confidential by sharing your screen and granting us remote control.
  • Permission from your organisation to make improvements to Salesforce

Do I need to join the Zoom for the whole workshop? Normally, yes – this session is designed as a Live workshop that we will use to work with you to make improvements to Salesforce. If you have a clear list of requirements, then it may be possible for us to conduct some of the session independently from you (e.g. in the case where you require a lot of custom fields to be created in the session). We normally take a short break around half way into the session.

Can you make changes to a Sandbox (test version of Salesforce) instead of our Live Salesforce instance? Yes, we’re happy to make changes to a Sandbox if you’d prefer. We recommend that Campaigns, Reports and Dashboards are created in your Live Salesforce instance.

Salesforce Support for Charities

If you are a charity, then you can select a support session using our charity rate. The session details and FAQs are the same as for the above session, but this is a reduced rate for non-profit customers.

How much does Salesforce consultancy cost for charities? We provide 3 hours Salesforce support for charities for £225 excluding VAT. You can instantly book this support using the calendar link below.

Contact us for a Proposal

If you would rather have a proposal for support, please contact us. Please note for proposals, our minimum support time is 8 hours which is £800 excl. VAT for companies. We offer a 25% discount to charities so 8 hours of support time for charity clients is £600 excl. VAT.