Book CRM Support

Book CRM Support

Sometimes you need CRM support instantly. With our 3 hour workshops you can book a CRM support session straight away by finding a diary slot that works for you. For example, you may be at the start of your CRM journey mapping out requirements and would like some help with our template, recommendations and to bounce ideas around and be informed by our CRM industry knowledge. Or you may be a little further down the road and are shortlisting or making final CRM decisions – we can help fast track some of the decision making with you and talk through similar projects.

Book CRM Support

Use the Calendly link below to book a three hour CRM session to suit you. We take a credit card payment upon booking. Alternatively, we offer CRM support by invoice with a minimum support contract of 8 hours support (£800 excl. VAT for companies, £600 excl. VAT for charities) – please contact us if you would prefer a proposal.

How much does CRM consultancy cost? We provide 3 hours Salesforce support for £300 excluding VAT. You can instantly book this support using the link below. Please skip to the next section for our charity rate.

Book CRM Support for Charities

The link below is specific to charities. We provide 3 hours CRM support for £225 excl. VAT.

Contact us for a Proposal

If you would rather have a proposal of support, please contact us.